5 Ways to Use Video to Engage New Customers

There’s no doubt about it. Video is the biggest trend in marketing right now. We’ve already uncovered why it’s overtaken other forms of advertising – and as it’s predicted to account for almost 70% of internet traffic by next year – video is definitely the way to go.

But there’s no point making one just to jump on the trend. Video needs to have purpose. It needs to add to your business goals and expand your customer base by reaching and engaging prospects.

So, how do you turn video viewers into potential customers? It all hinges on making your viewers feel connected with your brand. If people feel a strong and immediate connection with your company, they’re more likely to buy into what you do. Here are five ways to do just that.


Your video needs to be in a place where prospects will see it. Before jumping into the production end of things, think about your target audience. What do they look at online? What social media channels do they use?

YouTube is a great tool for reaching a mass audience, but with so many companies using it as an advertising platform your viewers could easily get distracted by the competition. So, host videos yourself by embedding them in your website, social media posts and email newsletters. As well as reaching a targeted audience, this will boost your SEO and increase web traffic.


Then, think about other ways prospects could discover your videos. Be creative. Feature your video on a display screen the next time you’ve got a table at a business show. Or put QR codes around your retail store that link to videos on your website.


Once prospects have discovered your video, you need to reel them in. Humans are simple beings with short concentration spans, so aim to grab the viewer’s attention in five seconds.

It helps if you keep videos short with clear message. And produce unique content that provokes emotion – like entertaining or touching films that will leave the viewer with a lasting memory of your brand.



To engage potential customers, videos need to educate. They need to help prospects learn about and connect with your brand by sharing information that’s valuable to them.


There’s a few really simple ways to do this. Why not try a series of ‘how-to’ videos, using themes that are relevant to your business? Or go for ‘behind the scenes’ films that offer detail on who you are as a company. These could be glimpses of how your products are made, where your materials are sourced and the emotional aspect behind what you do. This will make your products seem tangible, and again, help prospects build a connection with your business. Just make sure your message isn’t too ‘markety’  as this can be off-putting.



Engage new prospects by going beyond your main advertising aims and producing marketing videos that don’t feel like marketing. This means communicating a larger message than the main one you want prospects to absorb. It’s a gutsy move that requires a bit of out of the box thinking, but when it’s done properly it can be really powerful.


If you’re a travel company, think about making a video based on themes of boldness, independence and discovery, rather than cheap hotel rooms. Or if you sell cars, make videos about journeys and freedom, rather than your dealership. Generally, whatever doesn’t feel like marketing, works.



Once they’ve watched your film, you need to invite prospects to become customers. Have a call to action at the end of your video, such as an overlay with a link to an email newsletter sign-up or a relevant page of your website. By giving viewers a clear direction to connect with you on a deeper level, it’s easier for them to become engaged and loyal customers.