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the brief

It’s not often you get the chance to combine two passions in one shoot, but this time we did! Filming for The Fatted Calf was not just visually mouth watering, but we got also to sample the culinary delights cooked afterwards, which the proof in the pudding (excuse the pun) showed us the food tasted jus tas good as it looked!

When we met with Justin Donaldson, chef and owner of The Fatted Calf he wanted films that would show potential clients the wide range of functions they catered for, the quality of food they provide and the personality and ethos of the company. Breaking into social media, he wanted films he could not only display on his website but distribute to potential clients on Facebook.

The Fatted Calf cater for a lot of weddings and corporate events. Justin explained, “The way weddings are planned has changed. People want more control, and want to make their wedding day unique and not be restricted by only having the food offered by a particular hotel.” And rightly so, we filmed the excellent team at The Fatted Calf serve wedding after wedding in numerous locations all styled differently by each Bride and Groom. No menu was ever the same and the food looked amazing, even if the weather wasn’t!

The concept

When we considered the needs of The Fatted Calf, we realised that they have very different types of clients, each with their own preferences and tastes. Each client would require a different film focused on capturing their attention. With that in mind we proposed making two separate films using the same footage (we’re good that way!)

Film 1: The Fatted Calf Events Film


Below are some questions we asked ourselves during the pre-production stage to ensure we effectively got the message across.

Question: Why do people need food at a wedding?
Answer: So guests don’t get hungry and have a good time sharing a delicious meal together.

Question: Why does that food need to taste good?
Answer: Enjoyment can only be derived from good tasting food. People aren’t satisfied by bland food, they’ll talk about it being bad and they won’t have asgood a time.

Question: What’s the best way to show clients that your food is good?
Answer: Show real guests enjoying the food, smiling and having a good time with their friends and family. So that’s exactly what we did! We filmed five weddings in five different locations catered by The Fatted Calf in different venues and captured guests' real, genuine reactions as they tucked into their meal. By showing the different settings they cater within, the quality of food they serve and the great time being had by all re-enforces to the viewer how professional The Fatted Calf are and the positive impact good food have ontheir event.

The Technical Bit

We shot this film on a Canon 5d Mark III using the Atomos Ninja outputting to ProRes for a clean uncompressing image that could be easily graded in post-production. This film is ideally suited to be placed on the front page of their website, Facebook and on YouTube.


Film 2: The “About Us” Film

Once viewers of the event film decide they like what they see, they are more likely to want to know more about the people involved in running The Fatted Calf to get a feel for their company ethos, personality and approach to catering at different events.

This film is crucial for assuring the customer The Fatted Calf is the right choice and to encourage them to take action and make an appointment. We visited The Fatted Calf’s kitchen and filmed the creative chefs make some of their signature dishes.

The Technical Bit

We filmed the majority of this film in slow motion at200 fps using the Sony FSF700 to photograph the food in every possible detail and capture the love and attention put into every meal they make.