We're a small but perfectly formed team focused on making your business more successful.  

With extensive experience in script writing, brand and story development, we produce individual films that you, your customers and your employees will be proud of, and want to watch over and over again. We will guide you through each stage of production from concept to completion and distribution. 




Before we shoot any footage we'll discuss in detail your marketing objectives and create a video solution to solve your problem or need. During pre-production we'll use our 14 years of experience in producing videos to ensure you get the most our of your investment. 

We'll project manage and organise everything required from sourcing actors or models to star or in your video, to locations for filming and any additional crew and equipment needed to make your product or service shine! 



Once we have your script or storyboard signed off, our crew and equipment booked we're ready to start filming. We'll maximise any production days to ensure we capture everything we need and then some.



We'll digitise and backup all the footage (otherwise known as "rushes") and log everything that has been shot to ensure when we're editing we're referring to the best takes. Once a draft edit we call "picture lock" is approved by you we'll colour grade the footage to create the desired look for your film, create and add any motion graphic effects, music and voice over before performing the final sound mix. Then we'll master it for the web or broadcast TV for the world to see.

We even have our own video marketing platform designed specifically for businesses like yours that gives you in-depth video analytics marketers love with the ability to tailor bespoke call to actions so you know how your videos are driving business benefit and increasing user engagement.

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Visual Narrative is the creation of local filmmaker Shane Martin who has been making promotional films, mini documentaries, commercials and explainer films for over 17 years. 

We believe is that every company has a unique personality and it’s that personality which the customers relate to, engage with and more importantly buy from. 

We make films that showcase your companies unique aspects and encourage customers to take action.