From caterers to manufacturers, restaurants to food service companies we know how to tell THE STORY YOU WANT TO THE RIGHT AUDIENCE.

We make films that show the quality of your product and dedication of your service.  Tailored to fit your brand and your business objectives we produce memorable films that capture the feelings and taste of your produce.

our clients

Mcdonalds Ireland

Services Provided:

  • Creative concept & script writing.
  • Full production & animation services.

  • Social Media Strategy & advertising.
Visual Narrative really care about delivering results. Whether it’s an internal rally call or supporting national marketing campaigns Louise and Shane are always there to answer any questions and revert with creative solutions.

They are incredibly fair, thorough and professional in their approach and they set a very high standard. I love the team’s energy, focus, and passion for our business.
— Claire Lynch, Marketing Manager, McDonalds Ireland

The Fatted Calf

Services Provided:

  • Creative concept & social media strategy.
  • Full production & photography services.

  • Delivered 3 films for internal, website and social media.

  • ROI - 300% increase in website traffic within 1 month.
The videos have made a very real impact on our continued growth with increased customer contacts, a massive surge in Facebook activity and in general an extremely positive feeling that clients bring to our meetings after visiting our web site.
— Justin Donaldson, Owner, The Fatted Calf


Services Provided:

  • Creative concept & script writing.
  • Full production & animation services.

  • ROI - 55% increase in email open rate.
The analytical approach visual narrative took to understanding our product and target market helped us to develop a brilliant piece of content. As a sales generator the video was superb as we got 85% open rate on this e-mail campaign compared to 30% on our standard e-mail marketing.
— Tim Kells, Marketing Director, Rich Sauces

Tescos mother's day

prezzo restaurant