A group of inexperienced animal rights activists head to the countryside to sabotage a local fox hunt. However events take an unexpected turn when they run into an unlikely character on the strange country roads. Faced with their worst nightmare how far will these animal lovers go to protect their cause?

Genre - Comedy.



Film synopsis

A group of inexperienced animal rights activists from Belfast set off on a day trip to the local countryside to execute their first sabotage of a fox hunt. On the minibus is an eclectic bunch of characters and personalities who all love animals and will stop at nothing to protect them.

While traveling on the country roads the group stop an guarded local farmer and his dog and ask for directions. Skeptical of their purpose for finding the hunt, the farmer gives the group a false lead. Upon arriving the group realise they've been duped, at the same time they receive news that the fox hunt is actually a stag hunt. In their frantic rush to turn back and speed to the correct location, the group, not paying attention, accidentally run over the stag that was escaping the hunt.

Shocked and hysterical the group work together to save the animal's life, which is now very badly injured and covered in blood. However due to their inexperience and unrealistic preconceptions, the groups' efforts cause more anguish and pain for the stag. After exhausting all options, the group are left with the unthinkable option of killing the animal.


character profiles


Character One (Protagonist)

Name Susan Boyle (AKA Subo) leader of the National Animal Rights Federation (N.A.R.F)

Age & Appearance 50 - 55, fashion conscious, looks well for her age.

Background School Vice Principal, married to Dave who is also a member.

Traits Controlling/bossy, stubborn, slightly manic, snob - speaks with a BT9 accent. Passionate about animals rights but also any kind of activism - environmental and human - she's searching for a cause and to make a difference.

Character Two

Name Sergeant Jeremy Hawkins leader of the North East London Hunt Saboteurs

Age & Appearance 55 - 60, very lean and tall, grey hair, dressed for the rugged outdoors.

Background Retired Headmaster and former part-time army reserve officer now devoted to sabotaging illegal hunts in England.

Traits Authoritative, well spoken, has a Captain Mainwaring feel about him and therefore hard to take seriously. Saw some limited action in Afghanistan and suffered PTS and subsequently he left the reserves in 2011. 

Character Three

Name David Boyle, communications officer for NARF

Age & Appearance 50 - 55, geeky, average build with mousey brown hair.

Background Head of the I.T. department in a local building firm. Has close relationship with nephew Adam.

Traits Shy but friendly, little geeky, keen to please, henpecked by Susan, 

Character Four

Name Cynthia Ross, Administration Officer for NARF

Age & Appearance 45 - 50, short and tubby with mad curly brown hair.

Background Teacher in the same school as Susan. Recently divorced. She’s Susan’s right hand woman. Has three cats. 

Traits An acquired taste, Cynthia is loud and brash, regularly making inappropriate jokes and has a short fuse. 

Character Five

Name Ian Twinem, new member of NARF

Age & Appearance 35 - 45 , stocky build, balding but wears a toupee.

Background Cynthia’s gay best friend and neighbour, works in retail.

Traits Very camp with a taste for expensive designer labels he treats his dogs like children. Neurotic and emotional, joining NARF is outside of his comfort zone. 

Character Six

Name Igor Kilmek , Head of Transportation for NARF

Age & Appearance 55 - 60 , tall and well build, looks ex military

Background All round handy man and part Mme bus driver/cabbie, Igor has no interest in animal rights and is there because he likes driving. Used to serve in the Polish Armed Forces and his face shows it.

Traits Unemotional and detached, matter of fact, has sociopath tendencies.

Character Seven

Name Adam Kelly , Guest member for the day

Age & Appearance 15, bowl haircut, pale, nerdy and small for his age.

Background Susan’s nephew, has recently had a tough Mme at school and is quite introvert so his Mother though joining NARF would be good for him. He’s intelligent and curious about death.

Traits Quiet, introverted, nerdy, intelligent, 

Character Eight

Name Ned McBratney , Local Farmer

Age & Appearance 60 - 65, but looks older, slightly overweight, very lined and weather beaten

Background Ned is a local farmer out with his sheep dog Sam for a walk. He’s not following or a member of the hunt.

Traits Laid back, dry/dead pan, talks slow but ain’t slow. 

Character Nine

Name Janice Livingstone , Susan’s younger sister

Age & Appearance 45 - 50, dowdy looking and slightly plump.

Background Janice has always lived under Susan’s shadow, but wants the best for her son who has inherited many of her traits so decides a day out with NARF will be good for him.

Traits Risk averse, overbearing, considerate/loving, shy.